Invisible Humans of Melbourne (IHOM)

The Break started off meeting local homeless people when we handed out donated food in the city. Through many conversations with homeless people we realised that some were ekeing by through selling artwork, and many had undeniable talent in this area. We brainstormed how we could assist these talented artists to make more from their artwork. We identified there were two problems in doing so. Firstly, no one knew them as artists, and secondly, no one cared about their situation as they did not see them as people. We sought a project to remedy each problem.

This evolved into our Invisible Humans of Melbourne Project. In this project we interviewed homeless and socially disadvantaged artists. The ideas was to showcase them firstly as an artist and discuss their inspirations, so the audience would see them as a legitimate artist. The second video was to allow them to discuss the barriers they battle to overcome as a human in difficult circumstances. This was to humanise them. We realised this latter issue needed to be addressed when most people would pass them in the street and pretend not to notice them, as if the homelss were invisible. We hoped if we could allow people to get to know them they would see the human and not the uncomfortable sight of a fellow man in need whom they lacked the time or desire to assist.

The first IHoM videos showcased four very different artists to create an interesting contrast. This generated many questions on its own regarding what should be relegated as art or not. But ultimately we left this to the audience to decide.


Episode 1: Meet Some Invisible Artists

Episode 2: Artists Triumph