Tech help for the visually impaired

We help with setting up accessibility apps, basic tutoring and help with setting up other assistant technology.

Social disconnection has repeatedly been recognised in peer reviewed studies as one of the greatest causes of problems we humans face (e.g., addictions, mental health issues, climate disasters). When we are there for each other and the biosphere which is our home, almost anything can be overcome. When alone many of our issues at least feel insurmountable. Hence, why The Break are connection specialists, assisting people to achieve their personal, academic and vocational goals through connection to the right other people who help them level up. We support the most socially isolated and disadvantaged individuals to unleash their potential and share their greatness with the world.

We offer empowering activities which assist you to overcome addiction, family violence, mental health issues, parenting stress and social disconnection.

Our treatment does not feel like therapy, because mostly it's undertaken out in the real world, not in an office or rehab centre.

We seek to help you thrive, not just overcome the initial stage of an affliction, but guide you to unleash your potential.

Even if you don't see your greatness right now, fear not, we do, and we will help bring it out in you.



We assist people who have issues that would otherwise have them fall through gaps left by other programs with our innovative programs (e.g., post rehab programs, Indigenous inclusion program, memoir writing for exceptional unknown elderly, and many more).


Accelerated Evolution - The Break Inc. (known by our friends as The Break) is a not-for-profit charity


We have DGR1 & TCC status. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

We also graciously accept volunteers and placement students.

We address many issues directly, & the common precursor of social disconnection, in innovative ways.


Our Philosophy

Every individual has inherent worth and a contribution to give to the world.

The solution to global warming could be in the mind of someone too trapped by disadvantage to have the opportunity to share it with others.

We seek to help our participants get back on their feet, to discover their best selves and to become someone who will enhance society by their very presence and mindful contributions.

To this end we are all essential parts of the puzzle of life & no one is left behind if we can help do something about it.

We ultimately seek to let no good idea go unactioned. We commit to help anyone, anywhere, anytime we can muster the labour and resources; without prejudice or preference.


Our Aim

To help anyone, anywhere anytime we can garner the resources and labour, as long as it is better than current best practice..

Our Mission
To unleash the potential trapped in disadvataged people. So, they can make their unique contribution to to make the world a better place while elevating their own self-esteem and self-worth.


Hence our motto is:

the first half of our job is getting people recognise their greatness, the other half is helping them become exceptional people contributing something to improve the world


What we do

We cater to anyone in need we can find funding to help, or sometimes we can't even get funding to help.

Specifically our programs could all boil down to people impacted by social disconnectedness due to issues with addiction, mental health problems, family violence (both men and women), single/part-time parenting stressors, ageing and loneliness.

We action innovative solutions to often complex problems for those not making gains with simple standard approaches. We seek to improve on current mainstream industry best practice.

We are different as we do more than just talk in the confines of an office or facility, but walk through life in the real world with participants as they find their feet again (e.g., kayaking, mindfulness nature walks, relapse resilience development in challenging real world situations). As how can you be sure you can cope until you have actually coped? Hoping you remember a possible strategy to use after you leave the confines of your counsellor's office is often not enough.

Our approach is more akin to a skilled rock climbing instructor teaching you on the rock how to place safety gear perfectly & pull moves on your first few ascents, compared to having skills described to you from a book in an office before sending you out on your own to scale a mountain.

Most people need to get hands-on to cement a skill, especially a new skill. 

Excelling at life is a skill best learned with a supportive expert beside you.