Art offers people a creative form of self-expression; it can help express feelings, emotions and ideas. It also provides a space for us to slow down and be mindfully present with ourselves.

Art allows us to find a pathway to process our struggles and challenges without delving too deep into them. It will enable us to write the narrative of the experience outside of ourselves, providing us with freedom of expression, insight and release.

Our Art Programs

  • Art In Motion (AIM) - create art in outdoor environments
  • Expression Through Art (ETA) - a mix of personal development and creative expression
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Art in Motion

AIM is about getting out into nature to produce art as you move through changing scenery. We kayak down rivers, walk bush trails or walk through environments like outdoor parks/gardens and theme parks. Kayaking is dependent on weather conditions, whereas walks can occur in almost any weather. We use the inspiration of nature, mindfulness, and meditation to use art to explore emotions and process feelings.

Expression Through Art

ETA is undertaken at many locations, but mostly in our office. It involves meditation and other psychological tools to invite people into a safe, relaxed space to explore and process emotions while developing their artistic talents. It uses emotions, feelings, thoughts, group activity and role-plays to inspire the artwork. Our therapeutic art facilitator with lived experience and our senior counsellor (a decade of postgraduate studies) developed our Program. The Therapeutic Art facilitator successfully delivered this Program in an industry-leading addiction rehabilitation facility.