Our day program is for you if:

  • You want recovery to be fun, and not a punishment
  • You believe in your innate worth, not a lifetime of derogatory labels
  • You want the option to stay with your loved ones while recovering, not with strangers in strange beds
  • You want to upskill beyond just your issue, to not be in recovery forever but thrive
  • You want to be treated as an equal becoming your best self, not a case to be fixed
  • You are looking to become one of life's winners, not merely survivors


Our day program is a new generation of rehabilitation for a range of issues. These include:

  • addiction recovery,
  • mental health issues (such as anxiety and depressive disorders, adjustment disorders, PTSD),
  • recovery from domestic/family violence,
  • exit counselling from charismatic groups,
  • existential crises,
  • those just struggling in the world (e.g., single parents).

We have a range of staff with varied expertise who can address a vast array of issues.

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Our program was developed by a highly qualified and skilled AOD counsellor whose been in practicew since 1996 (he actually trained alcohol and drug workers for years). After extensive interviews with clients, rehab workers and professional colleagues (in rehabs and private practice) he realised full inpatient care in rehabs or hospitals was not for everyone and had a high relapse rate.

Most people would prefer to sleep in their own beds at night and be around their families and loved ones. Many inpatient rehabs tightly monitor, if permit at all, visitation with family (and even then it is treated as a privilege, which cannot only be disempowering but is the opposite of what needs to be fostered to help people become autonomous individuals in control of their own life).

Our day program can accommodate your desire to sleep in your own bed and see your family daily while still providing the support that program participants are seeking.

Our day program can also be tailored to permit employment to fit around day program participation if less intensive treatment (i.e., not daily Monday-Friday) is needed. This permits some program participants to sustain the employment needed to service loans and hence not spiral their lives further into debt while still getting the help they need.

Our day program can also be used as a precursor to inpatient rehabilitation as a preparatory step to familiarise yourself with counselling, group work and fitting into into a rehab environment.

Our day program can also be a safe place to be while awaiting a residential rehab place. We have relationships with inpatient facilities if more intensive support is required, and can make referrals for you.

We can also arrange to write court reports for program participants as many are facing court and attend to show the courts they are addressing their issues.

Our day program can also be employed as aftercare when someone has left inpatient rehab but still feels a level of support is necessary.

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Our day program realises that counselling in an office, although often useful (and standard operating practice of almost all facilities) does not fully represent our lived experience. T

This is part of the reason why what seems simple in counselling sessions is often difficult to translate to our real world lives. That is why our day program moved away from an inpatient care model, which keeps males and females separate in a quite surreal treatment facility environment (that mirror disempowering jails).

Our day program allows a mixed gender group of people, with diverse issues, to undertake treatment both in and outside the clinic environment. In fact, our day program offices are intentionally very casual and non-clinical in their decor to minimise the surreal medical environment that many facilities reflect.

The day program offers empathy to all participants struggling regardless of issues.

It also fosters support for all from both staff and fellow participants.

It respects the wisdom that each participant brings to the program and encourages them to share this with their fellow participants so everyone can learn from their experiences. The least painful mistakes to learn from are someone else's mistakes.

Our staff are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise but accept you come with a wealth of knowledge also. They seek to find which areas of their diverse knowledge will work for you and tailor a program to your specific needs.


The Day Program offers participants a diverse program. It realises that even the most evidence based modalities are not perfect. For example, peer reviewed academic research has demonstrated that Cognitive-behaviour Therapy, the current gold standard of counselling psychology, is only effective for 70 percent of people. So for approximately 1 in 3 it fails.

So the program was designed around both the most evidence based treatments and some less mainstream treatments to maximise the chance of finding something that will work for all participants. This is particularly important as the reason that many have spiralled to the point of needing help is that they are resistant to mainstream treatments, so standard help has been ineffective for them.

The Day Program also seeks to find a program that is both entertaining and enlightening.

The Day Program's full scope includes, but is not limited to:

Phase 1: Find and slay the demons

  1. 1 on 1 counselling with highly experienced/trained counsellors (CBT, existential, MI, etc)
  2. Group counselling
  3. Family therapy
  4. Psycho-education sessions
  5. Comprehensive psychometric assessment
  6. Meditation
  7. Art therapy

Phase 2: Keep the demons away

  1. Healthy cooking classes
  2. Nutrition/dietary review
  3. Financial management classes
  4. Yoga
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Personalised physical training
  7. Self hypnosis training
  8. Music therapy
  9. Tai Chi/self defence/martial arts

Phase 3: Demon proofing

  1. Adventure activities (e.g., kayaking)
  2. Vocational counselling
  3. Academic enhancement and gap assessment sessions
  4. Advanced yoga
  5. Gym
  6. Judo

The full program runs many elements throughout the program from its beginning as some new skills take weeks in which to become proficient (e.g., meditation, counselling, etc.).


For those who do the full 60 day program (over 12 weeks on Monday to Friday weekly) there is an articulated process that the program runs in which future days build on prior ones.

The full program is more a journey of self discovery than just a fixing of a single issue.

The final 60th program day is a session that requires the group to work as a team to overcome a day long mental and physical challenge. It is their rite of passage to graduate as their new best selves.



The graduation day is a major undertaking. It is not a simple passing out certificates brigade but a full day activity in which participants have to work as a team to problem solve many often very difficult obstacles. We call it The Hero's Journey.

Participants need to employ what they have learned and by the end of the day prove to each other, and more importantly, to themselves, they can be more than they have been before.

It is also about their skills working in a group (as real life unavoidably needs us to coordinatre with others, and optimally work to the benefit of those around us). It is also a real world test of their personal development.

It is an arduous odyssey to overcome but well worth it and an experience never to be forgotten.