Therapeutic Arts

Therapeutic arts gives a voice to those who might struggle to find words to discuss their issues. It allows an avenue to process emotions trapped inside and unable to be extracted with talk therapy. 

This mode of treatment can bring people insights and growth without the normal uncomfortable exposure of one’s darkest periods. This avoids much of the shame and guilt often inherent in talk therapy. Furthermore, because it comes from a creative perspetive it allows different parts of the brain to be activated in treatment, which some research has supported may allow processing of traumas not accessed in talk therapy.

Our arts programs run in multiple formats. These include:

Art in Motion (AIM)  – this can involves producing pieces of art while passing through nature. This might be while kayaking along Melbourne’s waterways. We use tandem kayaks so one person can create the art while the other steers the kayak, or while the kayak is parked at a stop. We also run therapeutic arts activities while on wellbeing walks.

In office arts – this involves our therapeutic arts activities from our office.