Educational Role-Playing Games

The Break have combined their resources (i.e., counsellors, researchers, games experts, etc) developing custom-designed role playing games:

-a parent with an ADHD/ASD child who is an expert role-playing games facilitator,

-an IT expert,

– two expert role playing games facilitators,

-an academic, and

– various therapy practitioners

These games are designed to serve the needs of people with social deficits (e.g., Austism Spectrum Disorders, shyness) and neurotypical people alike. The role-playing games are designed to assist players with improved social skills, problem solving and to expand their social networks. Our expert games facilitator is a parent of an ASD child and can expertly manage games. He ensures a zero-bullying space is maintained and every player is nurtured to participate to the level of their ability. 

There is a strong research base for role-playing games providing the following benefits:

 – improve listening skills

 – boost creative thinking

 – practice problem solving

 – make new friends

 – develop empathy

 – learn to cooperate with others

 – sharpen maths skills

 – improve social skills

 – improve Emotional Intelligence