The Memoir Project

The Memoir project grew out of our spending time with elderly people to provide them social support. We recognised many hads lived amazing lives for which they had never been recognised. As such we decided to immortalise them in print. We created a team and went to work teaching ourselves how to publish and publicise a book.  Our first book, No Snowflake, was found to convert from A4 manuscript to 800 pages in A5 book size. Hence, we converted it to 3 books which made the No Snowflake trilogy.

No Snowflake was a labour of love that took almost 5 years to write. Due to the price on the head of our protagonist it was written in secret, complicating editing and publicising it prior to release. It also needed a defamation lawyer before publication due to our protagonist naming so many powerful people. 

Even before the publishing of No Snowflake we had other amazing people come forward seeking their stories to be written. This has evolved into a section of the charity always leaving us to be seeking writers, editors, marketers, graphic designers and other support staff to get out quality works.