Day Program

The Break runs a day program like no other. We combine in-office treatment with out of office therapeutic activities. We offer this program to those overcoming addictions, mental health issues or social disconnection. 

Our Day Program can be negotiated to be full-time or less, depending on the needs of the client. The Day Program can include adventure therapies, mindfulness, meditation, counselling (group and individual), process groups, topics groups, anger management, relapse prevention, therapeutic arts, resilience training, stress innoculation, reintegration training and much more.

We accept addiction clients into this program who are mandated by court or personal commitment to be with us full-time. This involves a drop-off between 8-9am each day and collection between 5-6pm. Outside of these times they can commit to home detention/curfew so that while awaiting trial they can be treated rather than spend it incarcerated on remand (when the court agrees). Otherwise they can commit to it to 

The Day program accepts people via:

– self-referral (to address issues identified that have not resulted in forensic issues)

– pre-court (to get treatment and a support letter pre-sentencing)

– court referral (when judges agree, so that people can be deferred to us for treatment rather than incarceration)

– early release from prison referral (where participants commit to participating in our program prior to early parole)

– post-release (after completion of a  sentence but wanting to address issues not met in jail)

The Break do not only cater to people with for forensic histories. 

We also help people with mental health or addiction issues not involved in the criminal justice system whatsoever.