The Vietnam Project

The Break are working towards setting up a world-class facility in rural Vietnam. This project seeks to combine the most innovative advancements in therapeutic interventions for those suffering mental health and/or addictions with our new model of treatment.

We employ a model which builds true empathy, where the facility spends half its time supporting the local villagers. We will help them work in their fields, work on community projects and teach English in the local schools. This will permit the local adults to work without need for support from their chuildren. More importantly, this allows the chidlren to stay in school, allowing the education levels to rise enough to lift the families out of poverty, the children to be able to gain employment in the growing tourism trade and work in other areas which produce greater income.

We chose Vietnam so we cannot only operate with lower overheads, reducing costs to clients, but also help the Vietnamese community. Vietnam has widespread undiagnosed mental health issues and rapidly rising rates of addiction. We seek to address both these issues, helping Vietnamese clients and training local therapeutic staff, as well as helping international clients and training international staff. In doing so, we seek to train the next generation of practitoners and spread the best techniques across Vietnam and around the world. Too many services world-wide rest on their laurel and have not updated their interventions for decades. We also seek to develop a network of Vietnamese and international therapists who interact to ensure the best techniques are shared across the globe as much as possible. There is too much avoidable human suffering. 

We are working towards gaining funding for this project with international philanthropists and DFAT.