Programs to help people to thrive, not just survive!

We do not discriminate or turn those in need away. Our programs cater for everyone*

Participants should be

  • entering the program voluntarily and be motivated to participate
  • mentally able to participate in the treatment process i.e able to comprehend and understand materials presented.
  • willing to participate in a pre-admission assessment- We may need to consult with other people currently (or previously) in your treatment team (e.g., psychiatrists, psychologists, previous rehab facility workers, and other care team members).
*If you do not meet our program criteria, we will help you find a suitable referral or alternate service because no one should fall through the gaps.

*Please note: We are not a crisis centre so do not cater for those who are -

  • in an active phase of psychosis
  • actively suicidal with a plan, intent and means
  • experiencing an immediate mental and / or physical health crisis that requires urgent medical care
We seek to be a maximally inclusive service and request all participants in our programs disclose forensic histories so that we can assess their suitability for participation in our programs and remove any temptation to reoffend (where possible).

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