About Us

Who We Are

The Break is a non discriminatory not-for-profit run by volunteers. We evolved out of a multi-modality clinic established in 2002 in St Kilda East. We gained charity status and accreditation in 2018. All donations are tax deductible.

We believe no one should be left to fall through the cracks. That everyone deserves the opportunity to create and live a well connected, rich and meaningful life. Achieved through access to safe and secure housing, nutritious food, meaningful employment and or a living wage are bare minimums and should alway be considered a universal human right.

What We Do

The Break supports people working through a broad range of issues including homelessness, unemployment, addiction, trauma, psycho-somatic disorders, psychological problems, disability and physical ailments, isolation and loneliness.

The Break runs a broad range of flexible, multi-approach day programs that allow people to access treatment and rehabilitation within the context of their day to day lives and without having to lose contact with loved ones. Because our day programs are fully integrated into their lives, participants are able to immediately practice what they are learning and apply this into real world situations. Our programs aim to equip those in need with new proactive/pro-social skills allowing them to regain their status as valued, contributing members to their communities.


Our Mission

Build and support a prosocial and proactive fully-inclusive community, focused on developing resilience and connection, to ensure no one falls through the gaps.

Our Vision

Change the way people think about addiction, mental health, and disability by offering innovative programs that combine the latest findings in treatment approaches with cultural sensitivity. We aim to empower individuals to overcome adversity and thrive, leaving no one behind.