Nevenka Grubacevic


Nevenka Grubacevic

(Clinical Nutrition, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki)

Nevenka is a highly passionate, driven and dedicated professional. Her strong ethic is reflected in her clients’ success. Her excellent communication skills and deep
understanding of nutrition, food and health assist Nevenka to simply and effectively explain even the most complex concepts to her clients.

Her philosophy is that nutrition plays an important component in the recovery of any health issue, including addictions. Nevenka strongly believes in going back to basics and drawing on the wisdom of how food has been prepared by our ancestors. The more natural the food we eat, the better the chance that the body can recover. Nevenka believes that food is our medicine and she works on a deeper level to address the whole body-mind to help people achieve optimal long-term health.

A firm supporter of prevention, Nevenka focuses on keeping the body healthy before it breaks down. She always begins with good quality fresh food then supplements as needed. Every single body is different especially if the person has any health conditions, therefore she assesses each individual before designing their individual program. Nevenka empowers her clients with the self-belief, skills and knowledge so that they can sustain the successes they achieve with her, in the long term.

Nevenka believes that every person deserves a second chance to be healthy and happy. Having been through many personal and health challenges in her own life, Nevenka has adapted to life changes many times and is very familiar with the difficulties that accompany these. A history of serious illness and injuries gave Nevenka a determination to heal herself. She set off on her healing journey, re-educating herself in a healthier lifestyle. By using complimentary therapies, in combination with a nutritional and healthy eating plan, she has seen outstanding results. As a cancer survivor, Nevenka is also passionate about assisting others to deal with the recovery process after major life changing conditions.

Nevenka speaks fluent English and Croatian.

Nevenka’s life has revolved around people, food, health and business. She grew up on farm in Europe and has from an early age been exposed to growing organic produce, cooking and using nature for healing as taught by her grandmother. With those solid foundations, Nevenka then spent the next 40 years combining her love of food, people, health and business in the hospitality industry, both overseas and in Australia. For over 10 years, Nevenka also ran a very successful restaurant in Malvern, managing dozens of employees to deliver great food and customer experience.

She has also researched food and environmental health over the past 19 years and has worked with numerous clients over that time, developing and using a unique combination of techniques to achieve outstanding results with them.

Nevenka has contributed her cooking skills and presented at the Slow Cooking Festival at Federation Square. She has also been invited to contribute articles and recipes to the book “Thank you Mum”, a tribute to European and Middle Eastern migrants who have contributed to Melbourne’s cuisine. Nevenka also presented and educated at the Multicultural Society in healthy cooking. She has also taught cooking and baking at community centres, and gluten free cooking at Celiac and Food Intolerance groups.

With a unique background and experience in nutrition and hospitality, Nevenka helps people to know exactly what they need to eat for their own nutrition and health recovery, as well as teaches them how to prepare healthy nutritious meals in less than 20 minutes.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (obtained in Europe) and qualified Chef
Diploma in Clinical Nutrition
Diploma in Food and Environmental Health
Advanced Aromatic Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Crystal Healing Therapist
Infrabed Thermal Therapy
Certified Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
Certified Hypnotherapist