Emmanuela Bomben


Emmanuela Bomben

(Registered psychologist)

Emmanuela has 10 years of experience from Brazil in the areas of teaching, educational and counselling. She has been living in Australia since 2012 and completed supervised practice required of non-Australian postgraduate practitioners for full registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA). The PBA recognise Emmanuela at present as a fully registered Psychologist. She speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Italian.


Emmanuala has specialist skills in counselling and psychometric assessment. She has local experience working from East St Kilda and Laverton, which has exposed her to addressing complex clients.

Counsellor with emphasis in Gestalt Therapy in her own private practice in Brasilia – working with adults in a variety of emotional issues;

Undergraduate Teacher in Organisational Psychology at Upis, Brasilia;

Psychologist Coordinator within a Multidisciplinary Team in Educational Psychology in the Foundation Visconde de Cabo Frio in Brasilia.

Post Graduation Lato-Sensu in Clinical Psychology – Specialisation level in Gestalt-Therapy (Brazil)

Post graduation in Transpersonal and Transdisciplinary approach in Psychology (Brazil)

Diploma in Sexuality (Brazil)

Degree in Psychology (Brazil)