Davide Di Gennaro


Davide di Gennaro

(AOD/MH peer support worker, baking classes)

Davide is a passionate peer support worker with a strong work ethic and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He appreciates the heartbreaking impact of addiction on families and friends through personal experience. He is committed to assisting those battling addiction along the road of recovery. Davide is always studying treatment innovations, so constantly brings new cutting edge ideas to the program. We value a multidimensional approach as a key element of our program and Davide offers this in various ways. He is originally a native of Italy which provides a multicultural view to see problems from a different perspective. Furthermore, he has a diverse skillset covering areas such as baking and hospitality, security, and private investigations coupled with personal qualities of high level communication skills with a very calming persona. He is a very compassionate person, however, after years of working in security is very comfortable holding others to account for their violations of the rules. This makes him ideal for the role of a peer support worker as he will act in what is in our participants’ best interest (i.e., staying off substances) while also supporting their journey with empathy and kind-heartedness. Davide is a big believer in fostering independence and self-sufficiency in program participants. He also advocates for the importance of human connection, with mindfulness of our emotional responses to enhance our relationships. Davide is a great asset in fostering a team mindset, where everyone wants to see each other succeed.

Davide’s demeanour personifies thoughtfulness and tranquillity, with nothing appearing to unsettle him. Undoubtedly this is a result of the confidence gained from his years in martial arts consolidated in security/investigations work. He imbues a level of discipline without competitiveness that is to be envied. This makes him an excellent role model. Davide often cites that life is an adventure and our past deeds merely experiences from which to learn, and should not be a life sentence.

Davide has developed very polished skills in de-escalating intense situations gleaned from many years of security and private investigations work. He prides himself on being able to remain calm under pressure and defuse any situation. Furthermore, he cites his greatest strength as being able to spot almost imperceptible signs that people are about to act inappropriately with his superior attention to detail. This makes him ideal to operate in an environment where people may be tempted to act against their best interests.

Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs

Level 2 First Aid

Certificate III in Investigative Service

Short course: The Addicted Brain
Certificate IV in Mental Health

Certificate II in security operations

Diploma of Technician of Baking products