Some people want to feel they get more from social engagements than company. Sometimes its good to multi-task.

We, at The Break, like to cover many bases with the minimum of effort. To do this we operate a day program where people can upgrade their skills and overcome personal barriers but still sleep in their own bed at night. It assists participants to stay entertained and develop prosocial/proactive hobbies. It also teaches participants to function better in the community not just in their imagination in their therapist's office, as many of our activities are in the community.

We regularly undertake both clinical self improvement sessions and activity sessions.

Clinical self improvement may include training on anger management, group therapy sessions, or self-directed activities.

Out of office activities could include kayaking trips, coffe shop visits, picnics, etc.

This social club allows people to be dropped off by family or commence with us between 8am and 9am and be collected or return home between 5pm and 6pm.

The program was designed originally for those undergoing addiction recovery post inpatient treatment, who wanted further less intensive support, and be able to sleep in their own beds at night around their loved ones. It is typically much cheaper than an extended stay in inpatient treatment, and is much more effective at re-integrating participants to the community.

The program has elements that assist people with many issues. So the program has been expanded to anyone seeking to improve themselves. We support people whoa re seeking to evolve beyond their obstacles, disadvantages and those doing well trying to do better alike.