We initially connected with the elderly to provide them with company and a kind ear, to listen to their stories and allow them to re-live their most important moments through the re-telling of their stories. Almost all of these elderly reported they felt that society did not value them and the sacrifices they had made were forgotten or taken for granted. We felt these people deserved credit for their sacrifices.

These elderly were often left socially disconnected as their families moved away and they outlived their friends. Old age often comes with a heavy price.

What started with merely listening to their stories quickly grew into the memoir project. We recognised that they deserved credit for what they had achieved, and their stories stood as a signpost for others to learn from. For if history is not studied we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

Before our first memoir was finished, we already had others looking for us to write their memoirs as well.

Our first memoir “No Snowflake”, is on the life of an ex-special forces operator who saved Jewish lives in post-WW2 Europe, then went on to fight corruption in his adopted country (Australia), operated from the shadows saving women from backyard abortionists, and suffered for his genorisity at every turn. He is a man who lived an exceptional life but was left in destitution by his latter years for his selflessness. It is a testament to his character and an indictment on our society.

We plan to self-publish “No Snowflake” on Amazon in the not too distant future. However, this requires our own marketing. Anyone who has marketing skills who would like to volunteer you are most welcome.