The Break kayak's primarily for social engagement and exercise as an unavoidable by-product. We paddle on only flatwater in sound conditions in tandem kayaks. We only use sit-on-top kayaks to ensure if a kayak capsizes (which has never happened in years of paddling groups) no one can get trapped in the overturned kayak. As sit-in kayaks have this risk with legs being stuck in the cockpit.


The Break's kayaking program operates in several formats.

1. Half day paddles.

These run from either 9am-12 or 1-4pm.


2. Full day paddles

TheseĀ  run from 9-4, with lunch optional.


3. Hero's Journey

This is the ultimate in mixing kayaking and adventure.

It operates like an outdoor escape room in which pairs paddling from preset location to preset location. At each location they disembark to do a group activity. It is a non-competitive day where the overall group work together to overcome dilemmas, learn from guest lecturers, navigate obstacle courses and solve puzzles. They collect clues throughout the day needed to overcome the final puzzle. It is a full day ordeal tailored to the cohort so every member is an essential member of the team and has a unique contribution to make. Completion of this day garners participants an invitation to join our closed Facebook page of high acheivers for ongoing support.