Our Invisible Humans of Melbourne project started with our charity handing out care packages to the city’s homeless. We were impressed by the talents of many homeless who sold artwork to survive. We came across a story about the Humans of New York project which lifted the profile of homeless artists in New York which in turn helped them to sell their artwork.

As a response to this revelation we started seeking a way to help disadvataged artists lift their profile in the Melbourne area. We decided a video documentary showcasing thier artwork would help in this regard. We didn’t want them to be stigmatised, but felt their struggle was an important aspect of their artwoirk and who they are. Hence, we divided their videos. Firstly, showcasing them as an artists and their inspirations. Then a second video, about them as disadvantaged people and what they are overcoming.

We garnered so much interest from the disadvataged artists we had filmed and are in editing stage of our two videos already.

Anyone interested in assisting us with this project with editing, filming or supplying artists please contact [email protected].