Group therapy operates on several different frameworks.

Firstly, there is an AHPRA registered psychologist led group, co-facilitated by a peer support worker, which allows participants to use their Medicare group therapy sessions. Medicare allow 10 group sessions per year. These are invaluable extra sessions for people who have used their 10 individual Medicare counselling sessions and need further help, or as an alternative to those who prefer the support of a group over the intensity of 1-on-1 sessions. The gap fee for this is just $10 per session.

Once the 10 group Medicare sessions are completed then participants are offered articulation to a counsellor-led group which garners no Medicare subsidy. The counsellor-led group, co-facilitated by a peer support worker, offer unlimited sessions and is just $15 per session. The counsellor is no less qualified than the psychologist but is not AHPRA registered. These sessions can be accessed directly by participants who have not gone via the psychology session first. They offer an extra layer of privacy as the session does not have notes that can be accessed at the whim of AHPRA.

We are also developing a peer support group operating:

  • standard peer support group
  • process group