Art does not just make us feel from our viewing of it but also in our creation of it. The Break recognise that some processing of emotion is non-verbal. Therefore, even if you fail at drawing stick figures there can be much to gain from participating in producing art. The creation of art both evolves our artistic skills but more importantly helps us evolve as people.

Participation in creating art also gives those creating it greater appreciation of the artistic community.

Art is a form of self-paced therapy which can reveal much aboout where we are at and what lurks in our subconscious, bubbling below the service, and directing us unwittingly into specific (often unwanted) directions. Therefore, art can be a useful tool to purge emotion, process emotion, and come to peace with emotions without ever needing to pick through the painful details with a therapist.

Our art groups are a supportive bunch who explore different areas or allow free expression to assist you to unburden yourself of the weight that lurks in the shadows of your mind.