The staff mantra for Accelerated Evolution is:

“The first part of our job is to get those struggling back on their feet, and the second part is help them become exceptional”.

We seek to assist our program participants to reach their potential and exceed their previous selves, not just redress one issue and then feel lost as to their next step in life starting from zero. Often what happens after someone overcomes a significant issue that they have been battling for a long time, is that they feel lost. Their identity was intricately enmeshed with the issue, and once it’s gone they are unsure of who they are. It’s almost as if they left a cult, the world had moved on and they don’t know their place in society anymore; or the person they were has died and are now left with an unfamiliar other self. We feel it’s not enough to get you over the immediate problem, we need to assist you to find an enjoyable place in the world again where you can thrive.

Accelerated Evolution programs do not see those attending as clients or patients to be worked upon, but participants whom do the work with our support. It employs a collaborative approach and specifically picks non-judgmental and empathetic staff who support your evolution to a better self, rather than practitioners who just run processes on you. It avoids a clinical environment, but you will learn a lot about yourself and how to operate in the world to make your dreams a reality. Accelerated Evolution programs also limit numbers to less than 16 participants and sustains a ratio of no less than 1 staff member per 4 participants (or even better while funding stretches), so you will not feel like just a number.



The senior staff personally select each staff member to ensure they are adequately trained, experienced, have the right personality and bring to their role beyond just minimum industry qualifications. Our organisation also requires all staff undertake continuous professional development. This ensures Accelerated Evolution’s programs are employing not just current best practice, but cutting edge and innovative elements also to maximise outcomes. We also select staff for their variety of skills as it is recognised that there is no magic therapy that works for everyone, so a breadth of options gives us the best chance to find what works for our program participants.

Our Board

Julie Dahmani

Chairman, lawyer

Scott Walters

Vice-chairman, IT expert

Norman Roth

Treasurer, retired business owner

Duan Stevenson

Secretary, Peer Worker, Therapeutic Arts Manager

Davide Di Gennaro

Peer Support Work, AOD Counselling, DM

Support staff

Seeking a volunteer

Social Media Manager

Dr A. Baddon

Operations Manager


Justin Lucas

Counsellor, Education Coordinator

Emmanuela Bomben


Mary Murray


Complementary medicine & other staff

Carmen Paff

Massage, Reiki, Martial Arts

Davey Pinder

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong

Board of Directors and their special skills

Chairman - Julie Dahmani (lawyer)

Vice-chairman – Scott Walters (IT/social media specialist)

Secretary – Duan Stevenson (Therapeutic arts facilitator)

Treasurer - Norman Roth (psychotherapist, retired businessman)

Ordinary member -  Davide Di Gennaro (addiction & mental health counsellor, DnD game facilitator)

Our Supporters

Regular Volunteers

Jake X.

Greg. S

George K.

Lakshmi S.

Neha V.

Ragavi K.

Alicia B.

Maria N.

Lance B.

Ryan G

Hans M

Bichyu N.

Parul K

Keegan C.

Qutbuddin M










Scissortech (Victoria)

Dr James Young

Father Turi Hollis


East St Kilda Psychotherapy

Accelerated Evolution Therapy Centre

Rye & Dough Bakery


Grant Providers

Dept Social Services - 2021

Sport & Recreation Victoria - 2021

Sport & Recreation Victoria - 2020

Tobin Brothers Foundation - 2020

Toyota - 2018, 2020

Josh Burns - 2019

City of Port Phillip - 2018