Missing person
Monique Maria kok

What we know:

NAME: Monique Maria Kok
BORN: 13/05/1967
BIRTH PLACE: Baxter House, Geelong, Victoria, Australia - now called The University Hospital Geelong
DISAPPEARED: 25/04/1982, 15 years-old, from a family home in Frankston
LAST CONTACT: Mid to late 1986

Multiple articles throughout the 1980's were published of her sudden disappearance.
She has not contacted any family members or friends since her disappearance.

Any information on her whereabouts or condition would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to remain anonymous.

We are not looking to force her to have communication with family or others she does not wish to.
We are only seeking to do a welfare check to ensure she survived this period in her life.

You can contact us at or phone us on +61 9530 3306.

Thank you for your time.
If you are able to spread this page with whoever may know something, please do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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