"A Fathers Day"

I first drew figurative hands, clasping each in an abstract image of balance and support based on the emotion of support and gratitude that I felt from the visualisation that came to me naturally and without any conscious effort. Then I drew a creek that ran through the picture, which was based upon where my "safe space" was in my visualisation, a creek with lush willowy grass banks that I drew next to the creek. I then drew a shadowy figure coming into a vision of my father from the present, coming to give me a letter with a message written on it as directed by the visualisation meditation. I then drew some things of my childhood where I lived with my father, which was an outdoor toilet I was scared to attend mostly and an aloe vera plant. I then felt I had to write what these things were in a childlike manner of description, which relates to my relationship with my father, which has been up and down with the emotions of nostalgia, love and gratitude inspiring that.

Session Reflection

I hadn't practised consciously accessing my emotional landscape of late during the lockdown, which has been hard. I hadn't realised how much I was distracting from my emotional state until doing this session with Duan which I, at first, struggled to let go and really 'go with the flow'. Still, once letting myself go, I found it very easy, safe, productive and relieving. I found Duan's voice and sincerity trustworthy and encouraging, never felt judged, and only felt encouraged and respected. I was reminded of how much my relationhsip with my father is important to me and can sometimes be uncomfortable, but the rewards from our connection are massive and contribute to my general state of wellbeing considerably but was reminded of how parents do the best they can and no one's perfect and being loved unconditionally is something that can be taken for granted but is so powerful and relieving when acknowledged and consciously understood.