Hi I am Bec,
Here is a little about me and why I do art….
I see so much beauty in the world today, beauty I could never truly appreciate during dark times. Now my eyes and heart are opening again I want to paint my joy. Thus, I started my journey as an artist.  The creative process, can be hard sometimes, as, I am my own worst critic.  However, painting makes me feel alive, and it’s gives me a great sense of pride when I finish a piece.  I hope to improve my skills and my confidence, so I can share my Love through my art.

Session 1

Violated, Powerless, Lost and Desperate

Hope, Connection and Creation

Safe, Abundance and Community

At first, I found this session challenging, as I chose a topic which had some Trauma attached. I had to create 3 pieces in this session, which took me on a journey through feelings of powerlessness, to a place of feeling safety.

Session Reflection

What I got from session one was a great sense of relief. I really enjoyed the creative process of working through my emotions and I was beaming, full of joy afterwards.

Session 2

Session 2