Our Approach

How do average people become great if in the 100 metre race, that is this short life, they are dragging around the anvil of past labels?

The past must be let go, you don't live there any more.



Accelerated Evolution started as a multi-modality clinic in 2002 in East St Kilda. It operated in this format treating people for a vast range of issues including addiction, trauma, psycho-somatic disorders, psychological problems and physical ailments.


The Break's staff are selected based on their skills and qualifications. More so, they are selected based in their diversity of skills and experience.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to treatment, regardless of what some programs who use a one-size-fits-all approach may claim. Therefore, by this diverse group of staff we are able to offer an eclectic program to maximise finding the right fit for every program participant.

Many of our staff have international experience or studies, allowing them to have a different knowledge base and perspective that just a local mindset. This once again is useful for those typically not amenable to standard treatment, which is often the case with those needing substance recovery services when easy solutions have failed.

Unlike many other programs in Australia, which trot out only the 1920s disease model of addiction, we teach our participants with a diverse range of models and skills. As ultimately it is not a matter of forcing one perspective on everyone, but letting each of our program participants see what resonates with their beliefs and to equip them with a range of techniques that will keep track with their evolution (especially as they progress beyond our programs).

Forcing people to bend to one perspective, if it sits well with them or not, risks undermining their autonomy - this is what we do the opposite of as how else can you thrive if you feel labelled by your worst moment for a lifetime. Where one model of treatment may be suitable at one stage of recovery, another approach may make more sense later. As such we are very focused on equipping our program participants with as many skills as possible, so they are ready and able to adjust to future changes in their circumstances or themselves.

Hence we draw from everyone from AA to Stanton Peele, from CBT to transpersonal psychotherapy, from existential psychotherapy to solution-focused therapy, from adventure therapies to mindfulness, and yoga to martial arts. Basically if it has been validated as an effective technique then we are not afraid to incorporate it into a treatment plan. We also source the best people we can find to obtain the desired outcome.

We are not looking for lifetime adherents to follow us.

We seek to empower you to be your best self without losing your autonomy.

Learn how to thrive, and not just survive a day at a time.


The Break offers comprehensive multi-modal treatment for a range of issues. It offers an opportunity to gain treatment without having to lose contact with loved ones, and even include loved ones in your path to self improvement while participating in our activities. We have placed our day program in East St Kilda as it is centrally located, has plentiful untimed street parking (in our street) and has ease of public transport.

We selected our model over an inpatient rehab as our research has found inpatient rehabs were not able to boast very high success rates. Part of the poor outcomes was lack of aftercare, as once you leave inpatient rehab they typically handball you to AA/NA. We provide a day program so participants can immediately practice integrating what they have learned into their lives in the real world, and learn new proactive/pro-social skills to later build on to live a healthier lives. OurĀ  social club continues beyond their initial stay with us if they wish to maintain less intensive support.


The potential day program participant:

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Can be either male or female
  • Should voluntarily enter the program and be motivated to participate
  • Should be able to comprehend and understand materials presented, and be mentally able to participate in the treatment process

Our programs are unable to provide services to people who:

  • Are in an active phase of psychosis
  • Are actively suicidal with a plan, intent and means
  • Are a registered sex offender
  • Individuals who are experiencing an immediate mental and / or physical health crisis that requires urgent medical care

From pre-admission assessment a decision will be made on prospective suitability to our programs. This may require permission to consult with other people currently (or previously) in their treatment team (e.g., psychiatrists, psychologists, previous rehab facility workers, and other care team members).

Where prospective program participants are found to not meet our program criteria then a suitable referral to alternate service will be provided.


The social club is open to those meeting the above criteria. Social club members can also bring their children to some activities, but children are completely their responsibility on suich events.

The logo's symbolic meaning

The incorporates the Kanagawa wave, from a famous Japanese painting 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' by Hokusai. In the original painting a fishing boat attempts to overcome the clutches of the wave to get to their fishing grounds for the survival of the village. This action is supposed to represent facing our fears and showing courage in the face of problems. However, in our charity we do not encourage people to stay and fight the turmoil of their situation but to break free of the cycle of chaos that has overtaken their lives. That is why in our logo "The Break" is smashing away from the chaos within the circle to a fresh start (blank slate) of endless possibilities. The circle in Japanese zen buddhism is supposed to represent enlightenment. So 'The Break' is breaking through towards this goal.
Accelerated Evolution cradles the circle. This has 2 meanings. Firstly, it embraces the world outside the circle; meaning great and rapid gains in personal growth can be achieved merely by breaking through our current circumstances to a fresh start away from our current chaos. Accelerated Evolution is also the for-profit company that offered us free office space to establish ourselves and from where many early key volunteer staff were introduced to us. The inclusion of their name in our logo and trading name pays homage to this beginning, similar to how the Union Jack is in the corner of the Australian flag.